articleUIW Alumni Mentor Program

Building Cardinal Connections Through Mentorship Opportunities.

In keeping with the Mission of the University of the Incarnate Word, the UIW Alumni Mentor Program seeks to supplement the education and development of current students and alumni through mentoring. 

The following information outlines the requirements and responsibilities of Mentors and Mentees.


  • Members must be a UIW alumna/us or current UIW student. 
  • Mentors and Mentees should schedule a mentoring session at least monthly during the Early Development and Growth stage of the mentor relationship. 
  • Mentors and Mentees should schedule a mentoring session at least quarterly during the Maturity stage of the mentor relationship. 
  • If a Mentor or Mentee fail to attend two or more scheduled mentoring sessions without notification, their membership in the program will be reviewed. 
  • If a member wishes to withdraw from the program, please email the UIW Alumni office at least 30 days in advance. 


  • Create mentoring sessions that are safe, supportive, and educational. 
  • Respect each other, listen actively, and engage in productive discussions.
  • Be flexible and open to your time commitments. 
  • Be an empathetic friend, coach, motivator, advisor, and advocate. 

Mentor Relationship Stages

Early Development

  • This stage is characterized by exploring activities and mutual interests, getting to know each other, and beginning a mentor relationship. Critical issues in this stage are consistency (scheduling sessions on a regular basis), reliability (not missing previously scheduled sessions), and communication (be open and engaged during the sessions).


  • This stage can be one of the most challenging. You must start to build trust and allow the mentor relationship to broaden as you become comfortable around one another.
  • As a Mentee, this is the stage where you share about your challenges and seek guidance. 
  • As a Mentor, this is the stage where you share your experiences and offer supportive guidance.


  • The defining characteristics of this stage come from the sense of trust between each other. The mentoring sessions are now routine and comfortable. You genuinely like to give or receive advice.


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