xs7xkdxlAlumna Publishes Book on Female Founders and Their Success


UIW Alumna and UIW Alumni Association Board of Directors member, Allison Ramsey, BS ’05 recently published Redefine: A Collection Of Female Founders On Rising And Redefining Their Success. This book explores female founders and their journey running successful businesses. 


As a strong advocate of female empowerment, Allison knew sharing stories of successful women was a prominent opportunity to inspire up-and-coming leaders. 


I wrote this book to have female voices amplified. Often, entrepreneurship is an isolated road and sharing bravely on pivoting moments in our lives has a ripple effect of encouragement, motivation, and hopefully inspiration,” she said. "This book is more than chapters. It is a movement, a community of women coming together, to support, to rise, and to collaborate with one another.”


The Amazon best-seller book in entrepreneurship features nine different women whose stories demonstrate key moments in their professional careers. 


This collection of chapters in my book Redefine gives pivoting moments as these female founders guide us in how they navigated their life and redefined their success. In this series, we feature nine authors in the chapters,” she added. 


The extensive process of writing a book is no simple task. As a student at UIW, Allison relied on peers’ feedback to improve her writing skills and gradually became a better writer.


“While being at UIW I became used to the journey of writing while receiving powerful feedback from my professors, classmates, and learning lab tutors,” she said. “I was vulnerable once again in writing this book to receive feedback in this process. We are taking the reader on a journey. The reader understanding what we are implying is of utmost importance.”


Although her major was based in math and science, Allison recalls a specific professor in philosophy and how his process of writing made a big impact on her. 


“I took several philosophy courses with Dr. Gilmour. He and I came to a mutual solution. First, I’d take my papers to the learning lab, then I’d turn it in 1-2 weeks early to him, next I’d get it back from him chalk full of red marks, and at last I’d turn it in for the final,” she recalls. “This meant I needed to start projects 4-6 weeks ahead before they were due. As I was aiming to receive good grades, I was also making huge strides in my writing skills.” 


When asked what advice she offered to young writers she said, “be open to receive feedback from editors. When you are starting the process, set aside ten to twenty minutes a day, set a timer if needed, reserved for writing. When in those times, do not worry if it doesn’t flow every time, the most important part is reserving this space to give your mind time to expand onto the page or screen."


Allison graduated from the University of the Incarnate Word with a Bachelor of Science in 2005. She currently serves as a professor of data analytics and Facebook digital marketing at Austin Community College and is the owner of Empire Life, a tech & digital marketing company specializing in business consulting, paid adverstising, PR, technology, digital marketing, sales, website design & development.