untitled-designAlumna's Passion for Music Solidified at UIW

Mariana Barron Esper Graduated From UIW as a Double Major in 2019, Receiving Both a BA in Music and a BA in International Affairs

By Jorge Jones

From a very young age, Mariana Barron Esper ‘19 has memories of her father playing the piano in the living room. The mellow sound emanating from the different keys would mark the birth of her passion. 


As she grew older, one thing led to another. From spending countless hours learning piano pieces along with her siblings, to joining choirs and eventually developing a passion for songwriting in high school, Barron Esper knew it was music she wanted to pursue. 


Today, MARIANA BE, as she is artistically known, is an up-and-coming singer and songwriter whose original pieces such as City of Lights 2.0 are slowly capturing the hearts of many. Recently, she wrote and produced Verdad, a piece for the international song competition “Rag Ball,” sponsored by Scholas Ocurrentes, a worldwide network of schools promoted by Pope Francis. In this competition, her original song was selected as one of four worldwide finalists. 


However, prior to her recent success, Barron Esper was on a mission to find a collegiate music program that would allow her to grow as an artist and songwriter. As soon as she set eyes on UIW, she knew this was home. Barron Esper earned both a Bachelor of Arts in Music and a Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs in 2019.


“Getting a double degree in Music and International Affairs at UIW provided me with such great opportunities,” Barron Esper said. “Learning and growing in music production, composition and other fields helped me gain confidence in my skills as a versatile musician in the industry.”


Eager to continue expanding her musical gifts, the former Cardinal Chorale member says attending UIW also taught her the importance of not being afraid to take risks. Being open to opportunities is key in a student’s academic journey. 


“I learned the importance of not being afraid and to take risks,” she said. “I also learned to try things outside of my comfort zone and to be open to opportunities in any field - socially, academically and professionally. In the long run, this leaves great lessons and character-building for the next chapters ahead.”


Barron Esper credits professors for the success she had in the classroom. The former Student Government Association president says each teacher provided a unique set of skills which influenced her in a special way. 


“The passion for the material they taught me was so contagious,” she said. “It made me want to learn further and go deeper in the topic, even if it wasn’t related to my fields of study.” 


In addition to the teachings of her professors, Barron Esper holds the core values of the University dear to her heart. Whether it was in the classroom or the different activities she partook in, these values were ingrained in her since freshman year. Today, she applies those same values to her professional career. 


“My faith plays a core principle in my life,” she said. “Truth is the goal in everything I take part in and promote. Through service, I use my skills for the community in need, both locally and globally - I hold this as a priority in the use of my skills for community betterment. Finally, through education and innovation, I always seek to learn, improve and enjoy the process while at it.” 


Barron Esper is a strong advocate for student success. The singer and songwriter believes in the importance of all Cardinals going after the calling in their hearts. She pushes for students to learn as much as they can and be open to ideas and paths never imagined. 


“Think outside the box. Ask, try, try again, and then again.” she said. “Independent thinking and curiosity will make things fun and exciting. Finally, never be afraid to consult with your professors and advisors. They are ready and very willing to help.”